Grinding wheels for steel ball


Grinding wheels for steel ball is widely used in steel ball processing of various materials and specifications in the bearing industry. The main features are high hardness, high density, and certain toughness. The processed steel ball has good quality and high precision, and the product quality has reached the advanced level of domestic similar products. In response to the grinding requirements of different materials and specifications of the milled steel ball, our company has introduced advanced European technology and formula in 2005, and adopted the isostatic pressing process and the car kiln firing technology to successfully produce a variety of grinding wheels for steel ball. With an annual output of 10,000 pieces, the product fully meets the GB/T23541-2009 standard. Formulations of various series of grinding wheels for steel ball have been successfully designed, which is mainly used for steel ball grinding of various steels. The processed steel ball has good quality and high precision. Our grinding wheels for steel ball can meet the needs of the bearing industry.